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We are the architect of scalable apps and games that have reached over 5 million users across 160 countries in only one year.


Scaling advanced services for millions of users.


Free-to-play games with thousands of levels and many areas.


Building many kinds of apps in any categories.


There are many ideas, but we try to select the best one.


Design new products with best practices.


Build scalable and high quality apps and games.


The goal is to ship something new as fast as possible.


If we catch the product market fit, we are ready to scale.


The end of the day always leads to new beginnings.

Empowering Innovators

The people who change the world are the ones who believed they could do it so if you are one of them feel free to contact.

  • Investments

    We invest in startups that aim to disrupt the world of tech and build market-leading companies. We also share our expertise and know-how in our field to help them reach new heights.

  • Acquisitions

    Looking to sell your mobile app? We are excited to work with you. If you think it's a great project, you can reach out to us. We are always open to new ideas and opportunities.

Essence of Mindset

We have principles based on our experiences that have developed over the years. They also represent how we work and how we view our work.

First Principle Thinking

Everything depends on the first principles. The rest are similar to low hanging fruit. First principles can be your best friend when developing something brand new.

Shipping Fast

When building something new, it's important to be as fast as possible. Speed buys more time to iterate and test new ideas, and prepares the environment for building something great.

Endurance Until the End

Achieving great things takes time and doesn't always happen with the first moves. Being the first mover is a tactic, not a goal. It's often better to make the last move.

Don’t Fear Losing

The most successful people are also the people who have failed the most. By embracing failure, they are able to gain valuable insights and make improvements to their approach.